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7 Tips for Managing the Hybrid Workplace

7 Tips for Managing the Hybrid Workplace


77% of employers predict employees to work from home post COVID

According to a recent survey of 100 employers by Gift Card Express (GCX), more than three-quarters of employers (77 per cent) believe their employees will work from home more in the future than they did before the pandemic.

Why not, with the benefits being: no commute, greater flexibility, increased personal savings (no paying for bus, train or tram fares), more time with the family and increased productivity

Of course, there are some downsides like not being to switch off, the multiple distractions at home, staying motivated, space for the work gear and loneliness.

Positives and negatives aside.

A hybrid workplace means cost savings

As a matter of pure economics, many employers are seriously considering downsizing their real estate space. This enables a perfect mix of a blended or hybrid working environment.

Clearly with any change there will be challenges. So here are 7 tips for employers to better manage the new norm hybrid workplace:

  1. Investigate hybrid models that could work for your organisation. The gap between companies going back to five days a week in the office, versus those embracing new ways of working is set to widen and definitely impact a company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. In other words, companies offering work from home as an employee value proposition will clearly benefit moving forward.
  2. Careful and tailored internal messaging. Employers need to ensure there is no division between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ in terms of flexible working models.
  3. Employers must manage the mental and wellbeing of their employees working between both modes.
  4. Listen to your employees and try not to force them back to the office: Understanding your employee sentiment will help you to modify policies and communications.
  5. Businesses need to reimagine their office space. This must mirror what employees find valuable about being in the office, and design for accidental collisions to aid social interaction.