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Bringing work-from-home habits back to the office.

Bringing work-from-home habits back to the office.


The COVID-19 crisis has redefined what “normal” means in the context of work.

Everything from rapid work place changes to the adoption of new technologies (zoom, google meetings, Microsoft teams etc) has brought new meaning to corporate and employee resilience.

Now, as we start to head back to the office the question can be asked. What learnings from working from home will we bring back to the office?

For one, we will be rethinking our meeting policies and everyday communication with teammates. Remote work has taught us not to disturb teammates with every question we have because they are not sitting in front of us.

Reports have shown that it takes as much as 23 minutes to get back into the workflow after such distractions, which shows how big of a productivity killer such small questions can be.

The same goes for meetings. Remote work can help a team start thinking about which meetings could be turned into emails so that the actual meetings can be used for more complex issues.