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The 5 Types of Corporate Gifting

The 5 types of Corporate Gifting


No matter if you are a start-up, been in business for years or part of a large corporate, you will appreciate how far a little gift can go, given at the right time in the right way. Making solid connections and building long lasting relationships begins with getting to know your employee, prospect, or client.

A simple way to accelerate these relationships is to develop a well-planned corporate gifting program.

The gifting program does not have to be expensive but more importantly it needs to be highly relevant. Want to know more?

Here are 5 types of corporate gifting:

1. Gifts for employees

A well-known fact. A well-timed gift to a staff member will go a long way to continued productivity and good relationships. It is extremely easy to make an employee feel valued, appreciated and recognised for a job well done. In addition, they can be recognised for years of service, working on a weekend or for a promotion.

TIP: Tell your employee why they are receiving the gift and thank them personally by attaching a personal note – or better still holding a one-on-one face to face or via video link.

2. Marketing gifts for customers

To help keep a business front and centre in a customer’s mind. Making an impression with a suitable and personalised gift forges connection and builds relationships, leading to conversions down the line. Putting a business logo on a Digital Gift Card establishes a mental link in the recipient’s mind between giver and gift.

TIP: Don’t go over the top. Keep the gift highly personalised as it must come across as thoughtful and genuine.

3. Sales prospecting gifts

A sales prospecting gift is given to encourage a customer to buy when the time is right for them. Usually, a small item like a digital card that can be easily delivered and personalised is simple to facilitate.

TIP: Always check to see what your prospects policy is in terms of receiving gifts. Government departments and exceptionally large corporates may not be able to accept these.

4. Client gifts

Client gifts are a long-established way to build and maintain valuable sources of revenue for the business. Repeat and loyal customers often become brand advocates, so while sometimes may be difficult to calculate the return on investment on client gifts, the potential effects of a well-chosen client gift are huge.

TIP: Personalise the gift and research the recipient’s hobbies and likes of your clients. As they are your clients it is your job to know them and find a gift that complements their interests.

5. Networking, referrals and beyond

In the world of business where networking is crucial, showing kindness reaps the greatest benefits. Find out what the person likes and send them over a small gift. That will make you very memorable to them. Sometime send a gift as a random act of kindness.

TIP: Use your CRM to keep track of your events and contacts. Capture significant details about them (their likes, their hobbies, what’s happening in their life (ie just got married, bought a new house, had a child etc).