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Trends in Corporate Gifting

Trends in Corporate Gifting


In the 90s, corporate gifting was dominated by promotional items where companies gave out their branded caps, umbrellas, pens, notebooks, diaries, mugs and keyrings as thank you items to their teams and to their clients.

In the early 2000’s, corporate gifting started to reshape and began its shift away from promotional items to personalised gifts such as hampers and expensive champagne boxes.

Corporate gifting has taken on a new direction

Fast forward to 2020, and the world of corporate gifting has taken on a whole new direction.

Relevance, personalisation and corporate responsibility have now become the focus of corporate gifting programs.

Gone are the corporate branded pens and umbrellas. So too the expensive champagne and limited-edition bottles of wine deliveries. Replacing them, are the low cost but highly relevant and personalised gifts.

Against the backdrop of fringe benefits tax (FBT) limitations and the need for corporate responsibility, the gift sourcing and delivery process has been entirely reinvented.

With the impact of COVID-19 rendering entire workforces to be working from home. Companies have had to connect with their staff on an even greater personal level to help them professionally, emotionally and mentally. As a result of these extra interactions, they have built up an even greater knowledge about the personal lives of their staff and clients.

The shift to highly relevant, personalised low-cost corporate gifts

As a result, management teams have now been able to develop targeted, low cost corporate gift programs that deliver highly relevant, non-extravagant corporate gifts. Gift cards are one corporate gift category that fits all of these criteria.

Since COVID-19, gift cards have become a highly popular choice for corporate gifts. Not only can they be highly personalised, but they can also be loaded with an appropriate amount and procured in bulk in an efficient manner.

A popular a range of gift cards is the Switch It Digital Gift Card. Here an employer can easily match an employee’s interests to anyone of the 9 category cards and align one that best suits their interests.

For example, the Switch It Home Digital Gift Card which is perfect for employees who own their home and are always seeking to improve it. Particularly important when so many employees have spent most of their working days at home during COVID-19. With over 20 brands such as Bunnings, Freedom, Appliances Online, Target and more, the employee can enjoy choosing which brand to use with their Switch It Home Digital Gift Card.

For employees who rent, but still work from home, a Switch It Black Gift Digital Gift Card would be the best choice as it has over 80 brands for the employees to choose from including Uber Eats, JB Hi-Fi, eBay, David Jones, Caltex, Dan Murphy’s and the list goes on.

As the world continues to change, companies need to adapt to stay relevant to their employees and clients. Therefore, a well-timed, researched, and highly relevant corporate gift, will have a very positive impact on the level of appreciation and loyalty employees / clients feel toward the company.