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Why Corporate Gifting has Become so Important in 2021

Why Corporate Gifting has become so Important in 2020


COVID19 has changed the way we work, conduct business, and socialise forever.

In just 12 months, most Australian companies have pivoted entirely. Shifting their entire workforce from the traditional working in the office model to working 100% from home and then back to a combination of both.

Doubling down to improve employee wellbeing programs

With such major changes to working conditions, expectations and stresses that are associated with this, a vast majority of Australian employers are now doubling their efforts to enhance their wellbeing programs for their employees.

For the foreseeable future, it seems the new norm for office accommodation and work interaction will be a combination of working remotely from home and part time from an office.
For which ever model a company chooses they must seek more effective ways to boost morale, reward commitment and loyalty and build camaraderie.

Smart Corporate Gifting Programs

One of the tools available to employers are corporate gifting programs and these can be used strategically to recognise loyalty, reward behaviour, and incentivise productivity.
For employers seeking to recover, maintain and improve employee wellbeing they must focus their attention on developing regular monthly or quarterly programs that recognise loyalty, behaviour, and productivity.

Simple competitions, random team or CEO awards go a long way to rewarding and motivating employees. Whist these corporate gifting programs are not new, companies need to start implementing them more often or updating the ones they already have to cater for the new normal post COVID19.